Hello and welcome!​ Thanks for visiting my website.
I'm a Brazilian creative professional with 5 years of international experience in Dubai and Paris. Fluent in English, Portuguese and French, I have solid experience with content creation for social media and online advertising. 
While based in Dubai, I was responsible for generating ideas for monthly calendars and campaigns for multiple accounts, from concept to final execution (images, ads, videos, GIFs, etc), including content for local and global brands. Immersed in a fast paced and multicultural environment, I've developed a wide knowledge on digital content, the middle east market and its particularities, and a strong ability to adapt to change.
In France I'm part of the retail operation of multinational technology company. My daily tasks are directly linked to establishing good relationships with clients and creating a community around the brand, which requires a deep understanding of its values and its vision on the market. I have developed strong people skills while dealing with clients immersed in an intense environment.

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